BIC/SWIFT with 11chars

Before the fee introduction a couple of weeks before, I could transfer from RON to USD (my trading212 currency) via credit card (my trading212 currency).
Since the credit card now costs 0.7%, I tried to use bank transfer since is free.
My problem is that the SWIFT/BIC code from t212 is only 8 chars BARCGB22 for GB54 BARC 2019 9074 1176 99.
My bank knows how to process transfer to BIC/SWIFT with 11chars, and they are a lot of them for Barclays Bank PLC.
My question is which is the equivalent BIC/SWIFT with 11chars?

Could be related to

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From my bank wire:

Well, from trading212 support is “1 Churchill Place associated with the SWIFT code, which ends with XXX”
I tried @Vedran suggestion and it worked.