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Thought it would be interesting as to what people think and who they think it will win.

Personally I think Trump will win however I do hope I am proven wrong.


Well from polls most of the world outside NA wants Biden by a majority. Canada wants him too.

And inside Biden is ahead.

I think there’s only 6 states that want Trump.

So yeah Trump will win unfortunately. :sweat_smile: Hope I’m wrong.

Funny enough when you see the additional poll data people want Biden not because he’s going to be necessarily better, but he’s not Trump. The lessor of two evils.

My only real shares that could be dramatically affected is NAK. Biden could potentially cause issues for the project, and Trump couldn’t care less about mining Alaska.

I hope Trump wins. What Biden and his cronies were doing with protests and riots in US is a disgrace at best.

I would love to hear why folks would like Biden to win?


Trump FTW, Biden can’t even put a sentence together without mumbling some rubbish.

Trump is a narcissist but on an entertainment level he is unreal. Plus probably better for UK post Brexit. He has a soft spot for us.


I don’t mind who wins all that much, so long as it’s decisive and doesn’t rumble on for weeks.

You know what your getting with trump, probably a bit of a narcissist, politically a protectionist, mad on Twitter but less so on actual policy. You can deal with that.

Biden… if he even lives past 6 months of presidency is no better than trump when it comes to embellishing the truth on Twitter but has the media behind him. Cant string a sentence together than his party has been supporting riots and murder. (Vote is in, were the only one who can stop the riots we support)

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Like the saying; better the devil you know…

People are having a mess of a time this year so I would assume retaining some sense of stability would be the choice many take.

Not really getting if it’s a group attempt to do some jokes or you guys are really writing these things by yourselves :thinking:


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Could be worse…


They say it’s a fine line between genius and madness. lol.

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Beats Corbyn and some left wing looney


I wonder in our lifetimes we’ll ever get someone that the majority agrees is the right person for the job.

The problem is it takes a certain personality to get all the way to being head puppet.

I don’t watch MSM, so some has to educate me on why someone should vote Biden. :grimacing:

Vote for trump, is a vote to trigger lefties which I believe majority of Americans can get behind.

Imho it’s “lesser evil” all over again.

The Keys to the White House say that Biden is gonna win - and they’ve never been wrong, but these are unusual times.

Democrats had some really good candidates in primaries, eg. Tulsi Gabbard or Andrew Yang. How people coud’ve endorsed Biden over one of these it’s a mystery for me, unless its jsut “hey, I know this Biden guy, heard the name.”

It’s interesting is it the person or the party? Are you left or right?

I would say I align left, but I think Biden is as useful as a potato. Trump has a consistent predictable recklessness.

With the democrats despite Bidens experience they should have put forward someone with fewer skeletons in their closet. Would have been nice to see a “younger” candidate under 60 with experience thats slightly more in touch with the current generation and mentality, and not someone pushing towards 80 from a different era.

Anyway I think they could have anyone standing against Trump and they’ll get the same votes. Its not a vote for Biden, its a vote against Trump.


higher tax rates for higher income brackets
community and social responsibility
decreased military spending
support gay marriage
legal abortion
against the death penalty
government regulations to protect consumers
support universal healthcare
immigrants welcome


same tax rate regardless of income
individual rights
increased military spending
oppose gay marriage
oppose abortions
support the death penalty
government regulations hinder free market
private companies can provide healthcare services
immigrants can fuck off

From a stock market perspective…

Analysis by CFRA Research found that since 1945, the S&P 500 has averaged an annual gain of 11.2% when Democrats controlled the White House, versus an average 6.9% gain under Republicans.

A study by Liberum, a U.K.-based investment bank, found similar results. The firm examined stock market and gross domestic product data going back to 1947, when official GDP calculations were introduced. It found that since 1947, the S&P 500 experienced an annual return of 10.8% under Democratic presidents, versus 5.6% under Republican presidents. The average annual U.S. GDP growth rate was 3.6% under Democrats and 2.6% under Republicans.


Nice summary. I would add a couple of points:

  • climate change: if Biden wins, he will put US back in “Paris agreement”.
  • covid: if Biden wins, he might introduce local lockdowns.

Yes I missed that, Trump has shown a rather blasé attitude to Covid I think we’d all agree. Biden could be a better choice at taking it more seriously.

As for the environment Trump doesn’t really give a shit. Biden should help with things, and push forward on EVs over ICE as an example.


The people looking at the politics of the party will vote for what that party stands for and wants to do, but I also think the person who is standing for election also counts with other people.
I mean if the person is likable and has a bit of personality and spark people will lean towards that person no matter which party they stand for.

I’ve seen that in the UK a few times, I’ve worked with people who have said things like, “I think this guy will do us well, I like him,” or “I’m not voting for him even though I’ve always voted XXX party, I don’t like him.”
My wife when she was alive once said, “I’m going to vote this time. I like MrX, I think he’s nice, he always seems to smile and he is polite,” She didn’t know what his politics were she just liked him.