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Ok folks so, I made a bit of wild card pie two days ago and it was to do with a lot of hype, possible market appreciation and to be honest, a bit of a complete punt!!


I actually cannot get into account to see what it’s at now but, I do know that as it stood as of a few hours some of the returns in it where at 200% and 300% and, as this was a punt I’m going to give 50% of whatever’s in it to a charity and this is where I need your help!!

I’m only 31 myself but I know that the children are our future so, I’m going to choose a children’s charity to make the donation and it will be made public with the closing of trade, cashing out and donation made to the value of 50% whatever it may be.

Children’s charities
  • GOSH
  • Barnardos
  • Make a Wish Foundation

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The best way to change the world is a random through doing a random act of kindness everyday


Seriously mate, there’s a lot of negativity in the world and this is a great thing to do.

Hats off to you :clap: :clap: :clap:


Could T212 possible pin this for one week to highlight it?

@David @Tony.V @Team212

If anyone else wishes to join in the donations feel free :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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That’s why there’s a lot of negativity in the world mate. When you make a profit you yourself are happy. When you share the profit not only are you yourself happy but your contributing to others happiness when they need it most


Bravo cash :innocent: :+1:

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Thank you @Dao for pinning :slight_smile:

Perhaps @Team212 should allow charity giving on their platform

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Would be amazing mate and, we can offset it for the taxman so win win

James hats off to you! :womans_hat: Great a Totally selfless Acted. Good thing happen to people that give. The green bow is for Ireland.

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Thank you mate hopefully it’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow next week on its closing :slight_smile:

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@Cashurkash As the others said, in a time like this that is a great act of kindness when it comes to thinking others! :+1:

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Thank you mate. Greed doesn’t make you happy, happiness makes you happy

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In a investing world where everyone’s focus is to accumulate as much money as possible, you shown happiness can also be acquired through giving! :clap::partying_face:

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We can accumulate as much as we want but only one thing in this life is never guaranteed and that’s tomorrow. If that’s not guaranteed for ourselves why not give a little to hopefully make someone else’s

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Keep the money or reinvest.

Get richer and help them out in a serious way once you are sorted.

Charities are under huge strains at the moment with all that’s happening.

From increased numbers of mental health issues, domestic violence, food shortages etc these people need help all the help they can get now.

Waiting on becoming rich to help people in my eyes is a selfish act. Just because your not donating big money? If more people donated a little they’d soon have the funds you think they need to make a difference. Every little makes a difference in some cases.

Question and it’s not to put you on the spot or to be in anyway taken the wrong way but, How rich do you need to become to make a donation?

Save up for a house or something to secure your future.
That’s what I would do anyway
Charity starts at home they say !
.yea charities have taken a hit but the ones you mention…no mate they are rolling in cash.
If you want to give it away, do it.

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Saving doesn’t make you money it sits idle while others use it to make money.

Housing is happening also but, buying to let first so the money made from its income is used to pay for another.

Buying outright first to live in eats away at an asset and demolishes the assets you could have instead.

“Why the Rich get Richer”

Use an asset fund what you want not your own money

Yea so get richer while you got a chance. You will never see market conditions like this again !