Bioventix price not updated

The price chart for bioventix hasnt updated since the 3rd of December on the app and I wish to purchase more stock but want to know the latest price before doing so. Is there a glitch with this equity on your platform?

Hi, This looks like another AIM stock affected by this issue with Bloomberg discussed here: Stock price/graph not moving.

This should not affect your ability to trade that instrument but you may want to look elsewhere for updated pricing until this is fixed.

I’ve tried to purchase some of this stock but the orders just stay pending and don’t complete. I think there may be a glitch with this equity on the platform.

Still no update on price of this equity since 3rd December. Bit frustrating to have to use other platforms to find price. Also why does trading 212 take so long to sort out orders for aim setqx equities compared to other platforms? Friend placed a similar size order on the same day as me with another broker and got it filled same day?