Bitcoin ETF price change.

The difference between real time Bitcoin and the price of Bitcoin ETF seems to be wider by about 200 points. Does anyone know why?

That’s their fees. TER, Total Expense Ratio

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I’m not overly familiar with the ETP but a quick look

The instrument has 12,627,894 shares

They own 12485,402 bitcoin

So thats 0.000987788 each share

1 bitcoin say is 38,160.30

Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 09.50.26

Just trying to grab a quick test

Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 09.57.30

Hi. Yes I understand that but up until a week ago if Bitcoin on Coinbase was was €28.400 the etf was 28.200 now it’s 28.000 or there abouts. It’s definitely changed.

I’ve just done a quick test using my Binance account above. T212 captured about 5 seconds after.

I make that pretty close.