Bitcoin ETP quistion

Hello, ive msg’ Trading 212 and asked em about the anual fee of 2% as ive heard from these forums. They said there werent such fees.

Can someone help me out as im confused.

Is there any fees assosiated with Bitcoin ETP on Invest Platform?

And is there and anual fees assosiated in Stock investing in Invest platform?

  • Just to clear my mind :slight_smile:

T212 doesn’t charge anything to use their platform such as fees for the invest/ISA accounts. Perhaps the fee you have heard mentioned is the management fees of the ETP itself which is outside of T212 and likely deducts from the value of the ETP itself without charging you yourself?

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Yea that may be it. In that case could you explain how they take there’s yearly fee?

What are you reopening a thread? You’ve opened one 10 days ago: Bitcoin etp - Help

I guess this applies to the ETP but it’d be good to get confirmation:

Upcoming Changes to Crypto Trading

Following the FCA’s new policy statement: “PS20/10: Prohibiting the sale to retail clients of investment products that reference cryptoassets” which outlines the changes that will come in to effect on January 2021, we will be gradually reducing maximum trading quantities of cryptocurrencies until December 1, 2020, when they will be set in close-only mode. From that point forward, it will not be possible to open new positions with cryptocurrencies. Existing positions will not be affected.
We’re currently working on introducing real crypto trading that’ll replace CFDs on cryptocurrencies with actual cryptocurrencies as they will not be affected by the FCA’s ban.
Learn more about the policy statement here:

Interesting interview.


Yes interesting, thanks. I read about the counterparty risk in the KID and that was a turn off, makes the 2% fee look insignificant! I’d rather take responsibility for not losing my hardware wallet and pay the taxes if this thing takes off.

So there is a 2% fee, does that fee get condicted on a yearly basis or how does it work?

Sorry for confusing - the fee is paid by the broker but we end up paying it via the spread (as far as I can see as Trading 212 don’t mention any charge in the instrument details). My point was there’s a risk of losing 100% of your investment if the ETP provider goes bust. As I’m looking for a long term investment that risk is unacceptable. Anyhow all irrelevant as we can’t use the ETP beyond 6th Jan.

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what does it mean now?

Got a notification in the app.
Bitcoin ETP will be placed in close only mode on 06-01-2021

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Same here. I signed up to here to check on answers because I was under the impression that bitcoin etp was fine, with it being added recently.

FCA spoiling it for everyone.

If it’s closed, how can we sell afterwards?

They don’t allow ETF of crypto in Europe. That’s why you are not allowed to buy any more. Just selling from the 6th January


The instrument will be placed in ‘close only’ mode on 06.01.2020. This trading mode will allow you to sell your existing holdings at your own discretion. Only the purchase of new shares will not be possible.


That sucks, but thanks for the heads up.

This isn’t going to impact crypto currency mining companies is it? Argo Blockchain and Riot Blockchain are flying recently.

Trading with such companies should continue. The nature of business that the companies have does not define the asset class. They are still stocks of companies.

In the case of the ETFs following cryptos, the situation is different. Their price is set to track the price of the cryptos in a certain way (depending on their exposure). This is the point that concerns FCA.


That’s good. Thanks for confirming.

As I’ve understood it’s valid only for UK-residents? So … it’s not only for UK?
Edit: @Team212 would really love an explanation/confirmation.

It is a rule that applies on the basis of the firm being FCA regulated. It does not exempt customers who reside outside the UK

1.22 If your firm carries out marketing, distribution or selling activities in, or from, the UK of the relevant products to retail clients, you are required to cease these activities by 6 January 2021.

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@Team212 , @Rumen

What if the investor could be consider as a professional/sophisticated investor, or as a financial professional, could I buy BTCE? :wink:

Nothing to do with sophistication, you can trade if you are an Institutional trader.