Bitcoin - way to invest

Well aware :wink: given as you can see a few posts above this I have a Binance account. You quoted me in the context of advising newbies who usually on-ramp into crypto via regular Coinbase as Binance is less known among them.

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Both are unknown for a newbie, so no much difference recommending any :wink:

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Looks like the start of things to come

That’s great actually, if more and more banks do the same, soon people will realize that they don’t need them at all :heart_eyes:

I respectfully disagree, Coinbase the brand is bigger than Binance the brand to newbies. I know as 4 years ago I was a newbie who conferred a lot more “trust” to the brand of Coinbase so I onramped with them first. Coinbase was the gateway into crypto due during the retail investor boom due to its simpler app and brand.

Now that Binance have Binance Lite and even an app this time around (bare in mind Binance the app wasn’t available in the U.K. AppStore a few years ago, it was accessed via mobile website for U.K. users including me back then) I can now recommend them this time around.

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I do agree with your statement, specially about the brand (4 years ago and nowadays) :wink:

My point was that for someone that doesn’t know both, any of them should be a fine recommendation.

Although I really try to not recommend the normal Coinbase, specially for people that might invest little money, their fees are very expensive for small amounts.

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:100: agree especially in 2021, Binance Lite is streaks ahead of normal Coinbase

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Does anyone use a Ledger Nano? I am currently thinking to buy one for my cryptos but saw some feedbacks on the App Store about the app not allowing to transfer cryptos to other wallets some times. Had anyone experienced this?

At the moment I have my cryptos locked in an exchange where they pay me some interests, and my main wallet is Coinbase Wallet (I hold my private key). Apparently, they don’t store the private key, it’s my responsibility, so I guess it’s safe and would like to know if anyone is also using this wallet or similar, where you download the app and hold your private key. Do you guys think it’s safe? Would you just recommend to buy the Ledger Nano?