Black Friday 2022 and beyond

I don’t think we’ve ever had a black Friday event here on T212 which made me to start thinking what sort of ideas can we generate on here for T212 to consider ?

Here are some wildcard ideas just to get us thinking and formulating practicable ideas

  1. Invest x amount and receive free shares of x amount value or percentage of the original investment value

  2. Discount codes of market intelligence websites

3 . Affiliate links (discount) for stock analysis website

  1. Low value free shares of T212 choice e.g Arrival

I’m curious to see how this topic turns out - will be keeping an eye out for sure. Be bold, everyone!


There could be a bargain basement - a free share of a specific stock worth under £100 a share, but you have to guess what it is and see if you are first to buy it on the day to get it for free?

If the free share is found, it resets and starts again?

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I do like this idea. Option 1 sounds great if your suggestions.

2 other ideas I thought maybe 212 customer’s of different lengths of years that they have been customers receive small perks varying in reward level.

212 customer of 5 years gets XYZ, 3 years gets XY, 1 year gets just X

Last thing of thought was if they ever IPO’ed we could get discounted shares?


Who ever made the worst trade this year gets a consolation prize of a free share lucky dip. Screenshot of the percentage your down.


Guess how much Amazon UK made during Black Friday.

Closest to the coreect answer (announced by news sources), gets a free Amazon share.

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Guess what Tesla share price will end each year at?