Blockchain companies

Hello everyone,

I am new to investing in stock markets. I am thinking about creating a pie of Blockchain companies. Any thoughts? and suggestions?

Already a thread here so best asking there mate:

Literally just make a pie :pie: out of the ones in that poll that are the big miners and available on T212


ARB, MARA, RIOT are a few I know of.

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Check out for a comprehensive list of companies that have Bitcoin on their balance sheet.


Check out BCHN, a blokchain ETF

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That’s great, thanks!

Thanks, that’s helpful

That’s awesome, thank you!

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Is there a BCHS available on 212. It is traded in GBP to avoid forex impact.

Mara and riot been tanking, adding to both today, good entry / avrg down

I wonder why all tanked so hard. Just cant believe its bitcoin. Something isn’t right

Loaded up in both Riot and Mara, low key wish i had more cash, prople are overselling it, long is way to go

Finlab AG is a German fintech/blockchain venture capital firm

Think is is mainly BTC being down. When BTC is up, the miners go up disproportionately and so when BTC goes down so will the miners (disproportionately). Expectations for Bitcoin to go up to $50k soon is so high that signs of weakness are magnified as the downside risk is so high. As long as BTC does well this year, I’m happy to hold the miners - I’d prefer BTC to follow a step function upwards slowly rather than a parabolic rise as that’s not sustainable.

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Blockchain miners tanks when bitcoins tanks simpLe, don’t ask me why but it’s a fact .

Blockchain companies

1 Marathon Patent
2 Riot Blockchain
3 Bit digital
4 MGT Capital
5 Future Fintech
6 Bitfarm ( not in 212)
7 Argo Blockchain
8 Hive Blockchain
9 Online Blockchain

but just so you know, these require experience investors, they drop like stones when they fall

Good luck


Why has no-one suggested the BLOK etf?

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The Etf s better option

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Not available on 212 :cry:

$SOS is really, really intresting. (Bitcoin / blockchain)
All this youtube thumbnail aside, this can actually 5x in not time. But dont take my word for it, research the company, and look at there earnings compared to riot and mara, heck compare SOS earnings to Riot and Mara combined to make it fair.

Mara and riot trading around ~22$ pr share
SOS at 3$ pr share

But research it, bet a lot of you will fall in love with it :slight_smile: