Crypto blockchain companies

Any recommendations on which is the preferred one?

Crypto Miners
  • Argo BlockChain (LSE)
  • Riot BlockChain (NASDAQ)
  • Bit Digital (NASDAQ)
  • Marathon Patent (NASDAQ)

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Check this channel out, worth a sub if you’re thinking about this space:


Well that’s spooky

BTBT is the the only one that’s pulled back to the 50 EMA atm so I would choose that.

The others are still over bought.


How is Bit Digital related to blockchain?


Just wondering because some of the other companies might have more exposure to the rally in Bitcoin, which may be why they are rallying more.

I’ve done limited DD in it but that describes what it was as Golden Bull.

If you’re not familiar with BTBT, this is a relatively new player in the segment as the company was previously known as “Golden Bull Limited”, officially changing its name this past September reflecting a strategic shift to focus on bitcoin mining which began in February of 2020.

It’s a P&D play to me, but probably good LTH.

MARA has gone nuts over the last couple of weeks, so I’m expecting more pullback before it goes again.

I need to look into it further before diving back in. My attention has gone on QS and solid state lithium.

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Thank you :slight_smile:.

What is QS?

Was a SPAC that got QuantumScape ticker QS

It’s basically the newer Lithium tech with solid-state batteries we’ll see in the next few years. No liquid electrolyte so higher capacity and better performance.

Last couple of weeks it’s gone hype.



Blockchain technology is different than cryptocurrency that operates on a blockchain :slight_smile:

Have a watch at this Ted talk for some more in depth knowledge on what it is but, if you want to know a lot more about it I would suggest getting books by Dan and Alex Tappscott as they are pretty amazing!! Blockchain revolution is a great one!!


Great stuff. Thanks Phil :+1:

Thanks Cash. Useful info.

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Anytime at all :slight_smile: blockchain is huge and it’s amazing that it came from a crypto currency’s design.

Take the NHS Bitcoin ransom in 2017, their central server was hit and held to ransom for its data contents. If their data was on a blockchain it would never have happened.

Blockchain technology is unreal for what can be done with it :slight_smile: can’t wait to see where it’s at in 10 years time!!


Came here to mention medical applications.

For me, blockchain has two obvious applications - finance and healthcare. I say this due to it’s privacy protecting, instantaneous transacting, secure, traceable, and decentralised nature.

Finance obviously would benefit from near instant, secure transactions, as anybody who has waiting for several days for a bank transfer to complete will tell you.

On the medical side, a huge issue in medical research is the access to data. It is a massively complex, costly, and time consuming affair to gain access to valuable and necessary medical data, even more so if its international sharing of data. Blockchain offers a secure channel between researchers and hospital/clinic databases to allow new softwares to be developed. E.g. you can send an algorithm to a hospital PACS (Picture archiving and communication system), be exposed to medical images, and return to the researchers without any data ever having left the hospital.

On the finance side, the usual suspects are doing blockchain research - Visa, Mastercard, ING spring to mind.
On the medical side, the two that spring to mind are Varian and Samsung.

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No more pullback it’s popping today

The ARBKF OTC instrument just popped today, tomorrow will be interesting for the LSE instrument:


Yeah been keeping an eye on this. Wish I’d bought more last week :joy: may still buy some tomorrow… just annoying because as we’ve said there’s no way to know if you’re buying the top or a dip. Any advice?

Same lol wish I’d bought more but glad I got in with an okay allocation. Thing with ARB is it’s undervalued relative to its USA peers (RIOT/MARA) hence my reasoning for going with it as I expect that gap to narrow. Personally, just watching the price of BTC as if this can consolidate above £20k into the new year and build from there I’ll be happy with that as it bodes well for the crypto miners as any increases in price flow straight to the bottom line profits once they’ve paid there expenses.

This channel is top quality so sub to this:

Yeah the BTC going straight onto their balance sheet is a very attractive reason to hold. Think I will buy more because although it may dip I doubt in 6 months it’ll be around this price again :crossed_fingers:t4:

Nice one. Yeah you’re still early in the grand scheme of things and I’ve learnt to back my winners. Depending on price action I may top up too but satisfied for now.

Edit: news :newspaper_roll:

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I should listen to myself.

:ok_hand: this close to holding and it goes 100%


There she blows too :boom::