Spain - BME: Mid Cap Companies


Could you please add the following companies that trade on the Madrid Stock Exchange - BME?

Format followed: -Name, Ticker (ISIN)

  • Solaria Energia y Medio Ambiente, SLR (ES0165386014)
  • Grupo Catalana Occidente, GCO (ES0116920333)
  • Audax Renovables, ADX (ES0136463017)
  • Laboratorios Rovi, ROVI (ES0157261019)
  • Altia Consultores, ALC (ES0113312005)
  • Alantra Partners, ALNT (ES0126501131)
  • Miquel y Costas, MCM (ES0164180012)
  • SolarPack, SPK (ES0105385001)
  • Logista, LOG (ES0105027009)
  • Prosegur, PSG (ES0175438003)
  • Grenergy Renovables, GRE (ES0105079000)

Thank you.


Has there been an update on this? Some of these companies have been doing extremely well and it is a pity not to have them in Trading212

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No update.
It is a real pity, some like Laboratorios Rovi (ROVI) and Solaria (SLR) have done very well and could do even better in subsequent weeks/months.