Spain - BME: Small Cap Companies


Could you please include these companies on T212?

They are small cap companies, predominantly from the technology side and they all trade on the Madrid Stock Exchange - BME.

Format followed: - Name, Ticker (ISIN)

  • Holaluz-Clidom, HLZ (ES0105456026)
  • Berkeley Energia, BKY (AU000000BKY0)
  • Reno de Medici, RDM (IT0001178299)
  • Amper, AMP (ES010926053)
  • Global Dominion Access, Dom (ES0105130001)
  • Ezentis, EZE (ES0172708234)
  • Agile Content, GRE (ES0105079000)
  • FacePhi, FACE (ES0105029005)
  • Gigas Hosting, GIGA (ES0105093001)
  • Greenalia, GRN (ES0105293007)
  • Griño, GRI (ES0143328005)
  • Inclam, INC (ES0105083002)
  • Izertis, IZER (ES0105449005)
  • Voz Telecom, VOZ (ES0105156006)

Thank you.