Thoughts on the Asos:ASC share price?

I’m now leaning more towards ASOS rather than Boohoo. Shupply chain issues are surely short term, as is covid. Thinking it could currently be a bargain … ?

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I’m not hopeful over 2022 that the Supply chain problems will get back to normal. Long backlogs will take time to free up.

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Asos and Boohoo what a turn out of events over the past one year

Asos really taking a big tanking, could bankruptcy be around the corner tho - (speculating)

I don’t think there’s any risk of that, the market is rightfully discounting their future earnings though.

Oh ok, seems overly done by Mr Market

It looks like garbage, more people lose money trying to buy the bottom than any other point

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@Team212 Any reason why Asos is displayed as LSE AIM on T212 while in fact it’s a FTSE250 company or am i missing something?

Good catch, @Zrtz :pray: The company is currently traded on the LSE, so we’ve applied visual changes to see the correct market when you search for the company. The information in the “Instrument details” section is now updated too.

Mike Ashley ups stake in Asos twice this year alone, clearly he sees something retails investors have ignored.

Why retail investors keeps chasing the exact same handful mega caps with hedge funds, institutional investors and other juggernaut beats my comprehension whereas we’ve got grassroot pockets opportunities to make a killing

no financial advice intended