What I bought / sold today

I found this thread in another forum.
It is very popular there and it seems to me that it can also be adapted here. Maybe it will help someone to decid what buy/sell.
My strategy is based on 8% profit and dividends. I buy shares which I believe will bring 8% profit in a short time.

Please add here what you bought / sold and why.

My recent purchases:
BGS, CLNY, PSEC ex-date 30.12 & 31.12
SHO ex-date & 8%
APPS 8% profit

I hope you enjoy this thread and bring something positive to our trading.


This seems more like trading rather than investing. Are you sure you have the right category tagged?

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You’re right, in my case it’s more of a trading. That is why I ask to justify the purchase of shares.
Some may buy for long term, others for dividends only and sell after ex-date or like me for daily trading.

I bought Nio Inc seems to be going up fast

I bought SKT NIO and LAC

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I bought today T
I sold today NFLX

@Farushku Bought SKT as well @14.82 $ average , lovely to see it spike 10% today :wink:

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ended up getting some OXY and a few more fractions of ULVR, don’t ever plan to sell unless the price inflates too rapidly for a reason unknown to me.

I sold today
CLNY recovered after ex-div
LAC 8% profit
Bought today
PNC ex-div 16.1
ACN ex-div 15.1
GRWG for 8%
For long term MSFT

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I sold JD Sports. I averaged in at 8.19p, sold on the way up, and completed my sales at 863.8p this morning.


Bought bonds VAGP and added some Unilever this week.

I’ve got my eye on Unilever but I’m looking for closer to 4000. In no rush to buy them but if they get there I’ll buy them.

I’m looking at Walmart.

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Whats the reason for the drop in Walmarts price? Do you think it`s to do with the USA/China trade war?

I’ve got no idea! Their earnings have been OK and beat expectations and their next earnings estimates looks good too. I will try take a position soon and hold up to their next earnings in Feb.

I just did a Google search. It appears Amazon is the threat. I like the look of the return on equity, the cash returned to shareholders in dividends and the weakness in the share price. I`ll keep an eye on it.


Whole Consumer Retail sector is overvalued as it is. WMT
PE over 22.8, PEG 6.7, PB 4.6

Not until significant pullback 20%+ , do you have a cushion of security.

Low future growth. 3.4%…

Currently dropping mostly due to TGT disappointed earnings…

Personally avoid whole sectore until correction…

I wouldn`t concider WMT for its growth. PEG is useful for measuring growth stocks. Jim Slater used PEG. I like the way Warren Buffett considers “owner earnings” when considering both growth and value stocks. I prefer to look at future discounted cashflow.

I had wondered why pepsico saw a large rally in price and the only news that seemed to occur at the same time as it started was about their efforts to make US production run on 100% renewable energy to reduce emissions by 20%.

seems it is one of those companies that mean you don’t need to invest in the renewable energy sector to have a positive moral impact because they will do it for you. though I do wish they had waited until after my next paycheck and deposit xD

@magpielad lots of company’s face pressure from amazon. if you want to avoid that, Costco seems to be one who is relatively unaffected or even a strong competitor.

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Ive been looking at Walmart today. The "high" p/e doesnt take in to account the share buy backs. Also the high PB is caused by the low book price and the return of equity to shareholders. The market cap looks low if you estimate future discounted cashflow. I`m considering averaging in this week.