What do people think about boohoo shares?

Boohoo. Anyone going to be buying? Mine are dropping…

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I would like to know peoples thoughts on boohoo

At the current price it is a bargain, imo

I used to own this share but I sold it for a small profit to free money for another investment opportunity. At the current price I am tempting to re-enter.

Each to their own, but to me my only hesitation is that the apparel retailer which I do not really fancy, too much competition. But there is nothing wrong if not for LT holding.

I think the reason for price drop is something to do with the supply chain issues at its factories in Leicester. Also the long standing ethical issue, Its suppliers have been accused of underpaying workers.

I have not done a full DDs. But just to begin with the Avarage Analysst Price Target is GBX 379.58, High PT GBX 480 and Low PT GBX 135. So at the current share price even the Low PT already higher than the current price. A very good signal to start a full DD.

From technical perspective, there is a confirmation of rebound.

All of this infomation might not be accurate, so please do your own DDs.

Very cheap for sure right now …I think we’re at the bottom

Oof famous last words :sweat_smile:

Only 43% down, live and learn :sweat_smile:.