Bug in app after update

After recent update the app is showing buy price insteed sell.IMG_20210205_201450|225x500

Have you got any evidence that it’s the buy price? It looks ok in the instrument details:

It is higher than the current value in the SS.

instrument details are OK. look at my screenshot
first line - 1 share - 197.56 which is sell price of whole investment and because it is exactly one share it should be the same number as in SELL PRICE line. But in that line is buy price. I see this at other instruments too

EDIT: first line - investment value is correct; SELL PRICE line is showing buy price

That’s not the buy price

You bought at 180.62, it’s saying if you sold now it’s + 16.94 which makes it 197.56 return

That return should be exactly the same as the bid having 1 share. It sometimes lags for a second or two when the bid updates.

So it should be showing 198.54 and showing a profit of 17.92

The buy price at that moment was above 198.54


What stock is that?

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