Error on Sell Price


There seems to be an error on the sell price,
The sell price is the same as the buy price across the board which is kind off irritating as i like to know clearly the difference between bid and ask,

Has anyone else seen this or is this just me?
I am using the mobile app - one plus 6,

Any chance this can be looked into?

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Its not just you

@David @Tony.V @Wit @Rumen


We will gladly check. Could you provide us with screenshots?

Its in the app any stock.

Cheaper to buy than sell atm :joy:


How has T212 not spotted this :see_no_evil::joy:

I’ve spotted this bug previously so something has happened to cause it to revert the fix.

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Quite a few prices just don’t seem quite right today. MTLS buy seems to be inflated when compared to anyone else’s chart.


Please excuse me for the delay. The matter was an Android visualization issue and the Buy price was shown as Sell price in the “Your investment” section.

The matter was resolved with the update of the Android version the last Friday. Please let us know if it occurs again.

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