URGENT! How did i purchase a stock higher than its current price?! (ISA)

Hello! I purchased “Nikola” today and the app purchased it at a higher value than it was trading at. Instantly losing me -26.00. How can i purchase a stock at $93 when it is was trading at $82.02 at 14:30? Any one help me understand this?! Im sure there is a simple understanding.IMG_2451.PNG|690x388

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Buy price and sell price difference. So price your seeing on chart is the sell price

To be fair this is around the time a lot of us had it go the other way and stocks/shares sold off at crazy lows and voided our original stop losses. Possibly connected to this glitch

This is not the “sell” chart im certain of it. The chart represents the current trading price. You buy at that trading price. It has to be a glitch. Luckily it was only 200 and not 2k. Worried this will happen again now!

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Is there a chart for buy and sell? Sell price is market price is it not?

The chart just represents the current trading price. If you place an order at the price it will execute it as close as possible. Once you have purchased your shares. The position you hold is represented in the order form. The chart only represents the current trading price.

Put it down to 1 min candle chart and see the difference in chart

Look at the price differences today for its highs and lows

I am not trading CFD so out charts look different. I just checked Market watch and it says it opened at $93.13. Why does that not show on the chart?

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The after hours market price for Nikola yesterday was in the 90s of dollars, therefore it opened at the 90s. Always check the prior days after hours (pre-market) trading prices as these will indicate/dictate open prices.

My apologies mate I was in the CFD charts. Thanks for correcting me. Is that the doors opening for US market at that time then?


Same thing happened to me today.
I bought Nikola today for x price, but as soon as i purchased i was minus £26. It showed my order executed at 73.40. The stock price wasn’t even close to 73.40 that time and i had to wait a lot till it worked my way up to 73.40 so i was on 0 finally. Can anyone advise me on this please?

Thanks in advance!

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Would that be the USD exchange rate? It shafted me on a trade only found out it was this via this

If i purchased at 14:32 where the price had already gone down why did it execute at after hour prices? Also can you please help me understand why after hour price of $93 is not showing on the chart? Do trading platforms not show you after hours prices?

Never had this problem on any other stock so far and i trade a lot on this platform

Try one of the team for an answer to this @Team212


How do i message them?

Thanks for this mate

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Please update me on what they say if they get back to you mate.

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