Bug in new update

I can not withdraw money from my pie anymore in new update.
More info = it will not allow me to enter a value to withdraw.
Pressing the ‘keypad’ button will NOT raise the keyboard on my iPhone.
P s it will active the keyboard in the ‘invest’ side, but not the withdraw side.

I’m sure it would be helpful if you could give your model and software version for the team

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Ok. It’s the latest app version posted last night. Version 5.5.6
My iPhone is the 11 Pro Max on latest version 13.5.1

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Same issue same phone and update


works for me no issues i have same phone n version

Maybe you have a different keyboard heights set?

Nope. Just standard Apple keyboard

As I mentioned. It works perfectly ok on the investing side, keyboard pops up & down, just an issue when trying to withdraw.
No worries, I need to make no more changes to my pie and hopefully I only invest and not wish to withdraw and :crossed_fingers:t2: bugs get squashed in next update.

We’ve found the bug which causes this. We’ll be fixing it with the next version. :slight_smile:

when we can move our shares into the pie?

when updating on my mobile phone will it happen on the laptop?
On my laptop it still doesn’t let me import stocks