Cash withdraw screen not responding

Hi. I have cash in a pie. I’m going to the invest withdraw funds button and then withdraw.
The withdraw screen has a cash symbol or a slider bar to select amount to withdraw. Only these are not functional and dulled out. I just get a select amount notice with I can’t.
Is this a bug?

There is an issue with the iOS app version and it will be fixed with the next update. I’ll let you know once it is fixed and in the meantime, you can withdraw via the web platform.

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Ok. Thanks for the update.

Actually, hold on! Do you mean the live.trading212 because I can’t see pies on that either.

You will be able to access your Pies via the web platform by logging in here.

Nope. I got {“code”:“NotFound”,“message”:“404 Not Found”}

Sorry, could you try this one?

That seemed to open the old app with no pie access.
What is the actual url?

Found in in the message. It is the live.212 which didn’t show pies

Ah. See it’s a beta version

Once you are in the old app, you can switch to the new one by clicking on your email address in the upper right corner. You will have access to your Pies there

Ok. That was like walking the Great Wall of China but finally got there. Thanks