Bug in web cfd platform

In the web platform for cfd if there is a notification, clicking the notification icon on the left results in the entire screen just going blank (black - I have dark theme). Doing a browser refresh restores the normal trading screen but clicking notification will again cause the entire screen to be blank.

That is unusual and I’m unable to replicate it on my end. Could you please share a couple of screenshots via DM so I can troubleshoot?

I’m seeing this too. Not sure what you’re going to gain from a screenshot - it is literally just blank. All the icons, watchlists, charts, positions, details just disappear the moment you click on notifications. Everything was fine yesterday…

Just received word from the team that this is a regression from today’s deploy.

A fix is on the way :white_check_mark:

It should be all good now.

Yes, working fine now. Thanks for the quick fix.

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