Mobileye has arrived at Trading 212

Mobileye has reached its destination - your Trading 212 app :oncoming_automobile:

The self-driving company steps onto the market with a valuation of over $16 billion, making it one of the largest IPOs this year.

Check it out: MBLY | Mobileye Global live prices - Trading 212

Your capital is at risk


Are you suggesting we buy this, rather than other stocks you add to 212?

I don’t know how you’d get that from this?

It’s just not a barrel of crap like all the other IPOs we’ve had this year :joy:

I need to see Intel drop to $20 and then buy Intel

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Other people need it to go back to $60+ to sell.


In the current bear market, I would not be surprised if the SP drops by at least 50% in the short term. I’d be interested under $10.