Buy executed above limit price

Hi T212 team,

I set a limit order for Penn @ $88, but it seems to have executed at market price @ $91.79. Had to close my position immediately for a loss.

Just wondering why this happened? Did I fill it up wrong

What’s the “If Stop” mean? Havnt seen that before

Is this CFD mode as I see it’s after hours it’s been executed

Yep its CFD. Executed in market hours though, just timezone difference. Not sure what if stop means but I set a stop loss order together with the buy order.

If you click into the numbers at the start of that (trade ID) does it have any further detail there? Fx fees or anything

Nothing here unfortunately :frowning: doesnt explain


What time zone are you in?

There are both stop and limit orders on the CFD account. In the cited case by @fauxylar, he has created an If/then order. This is a combination of an entry order, which could be a stop or a limit, and two associated pending orders (take profit and stop loss).

Suppose the order appears as “If Stop”, it means that the entry order is a stop one. The platform automatically categorizes the order as a stop or a limit based on the direction of the order and its position compared to the current market price.

If you are aiming to open a long position, you have to monitor the current buy price. If the current buy price is above the order’s target price when it has been placed, the system would automatically categorize it as an entry stop order. That is what has happened here.

The stop orders get executed when the target gets hit or surpassed by the current price. In case of a gap, the execution occurs according to the best available price after the target.

Thanks Rumen but just to clarify,

The stop loss highlighted in this only executes after purchase right? What i did was put in a limit order which was below the market price, with the objective of buying only if the price drops back to what i inputted.

I then put a stop loss that I assume would be executed after the initial purchase. Is my understanding correct?