Buy Limit Auto Calculation

Unless its me, I still find it extremely manual and long-winded to calculate how many shares I can afford to buy on a limit order using the app interface. Add in the 95% rule getting in the way I have found myself missing the uptick.

I shouldn’t have to keep an Excel sheet handy to do this.

I just happened to see a pop-up the other day which was helpful that said something about “you can buy x amount of shares” but that only happened after a few tries and fails to buy at limit.

On the Buy limit screen, can you consider asking for the limit price first, then calculating (pre-fill) the max number of shares the can be purchased at that price with the available funds? Then let users adjust from there?

Otherwise currently to buy limit you set the shares (which calculate at market), then you set the price limit and then you have to go back up to adjust the shares again! for the shares against the price limit.

At least the shares will more or less be in the range. If the 95% rule could be considered that would be a bonus.

Its about for me shortening the time it takes to place a limit order, its still too long compared to other trading apps that I have used.


I think this is a reasonable suggestion, and I’ll share it with the team. I’ll let you know how it goes from there, @Hamilton :v: