Buy/sell Fractional Shares with more decimal points

Hello there. I would really like to buy or sell fractional shares with enough decimal points in order to complete a full share. I have fractional shares with up to 7 digits after the 0 and when I try to buy/sell another fraction to round up/down to a full fraction, the app/webpage only lets me use 4 digits after the 0.


This and LIMIT orders for fractionals would be a complete solution :pray:t2::pray:t2:

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Welcome to the community. Isn’t the problem that the value of 0.10052 share may be the same to 2 decimal places of currency as 0.10051? What is Trading 212 to do? Should they sell these for the same, or overcharge for the later by nearly $0.01?

It would be a bit ridiculous to buy and sell orders worth only $0.01. So if the minimum order values is to be, say $0.30, this will mean decimal places past 3rd or 4th will be unuseable.

Perhaps there could be a facilty so that shares in decimal places beyond where they can be bought or sold can be given to charity, or even just thrown away.

Say I hold 9.1234567 and minimum order quantity is 0.001. I would like to round this up to 10 and that is currently impossible. I could give away 0.0004567 (worth maybe a few cents), now have 9.123 and then buy 0.877 to be left with 10.

Or I can just buy 0.877, have 10.0004567 and live with it.

I wonder what solutions to this problem others think could work.

To roundup, i used the below approach.

  • Imported the extra 0.0000xxxxx to a temporarily created Pie with just one instrument.
  • Withdraw money from the Pie and this would be sold.
    Delete the Pie when the not required fractional value is sold.
  • Then the required amount can be purchased.

When i tried this Amazon stock, i need to do 3 iterations to get a round-off!!!

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It’s completely unacceptable! :rage: :rage: :rage:


Actually this is OCD, and we are all addicted to numbers here. If we can’t control them they we like to, it creates discomfort.

I vouch for more granular control/precision, where possible of course! :wink:


THANKS! Nice, creative way to do it, in the mean time I will do it your way. I do believe that the app should have a much simpler way to do it though.

I would like also the suggested feature, to complete a few positions to full shares. This way I want to be prepared to transfer positions between brokers when it will be implemented.
And the workaround with selling is not perfect, personally I do not want to sell for now, but to buy and hold, and do not deal with unneccessary taxing.
Since the app allows fractionals up to 7 decimals when bying by value, should be possible to do the opposite, with some rounding to a nearest cent of the account’s currency.

In Revolut BTW it is possible to do so, I’ve already prepared a few of positions there.