Round Stocks Button

It would be great to have a tick box which could round the stock u have to buy the rest of a partial share, I’d like to sort my partial shares into full shares but can’t get it to exactly a whole number just 9 decimal places.


Yes i would like to do that too…I suppose it would mean either 212 or us either losing or gaining a fraction

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I’d welcome this too for a couple of my positions, the huge number of decimal places can’t be bought. Maybe me being picky, but would prefer them to be rounded up, even to two decimal places.


Exactly, at least two decimal places are perfect! :+1:

You could sell your holding and buy back a position based on units. Just flick from Value to Units and your all done. :white_check_mark:

That would fix a cosmetic request.

Would be nice to have a button to just buy the remainder of a partial share, don’t want to sell off my shares. Like when apple had a stock split it automatically sold off my shares be nice to just buy the remainder I need.

If I sell my position, it will have tax consequences unless I hold my position for more than 3 years. Only in cases when I hold for more than three years I do not have to pay income tax.

Ok so a simple solution already exists. Crack open a calculator and do the sum 1 minus what you own after the decimal point. Then chuck the answer it gives into your next order. It will save you time waiting for this feature, and any development costs to build it could go elsewhere.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year when it comes :grin:

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This would work if we were able to buy up to any number of decimal places. However thats not possible currently. I have holdings at 12 decimal places but can only buy up to 6 so will never be a whole number.


Vladanm999 is right. Your ‘solution’ cannot solve our issue, Dougal1984. Happy new year to you too. :wink:

Perfectă sugestie. :heart::heart:

This! I guess there is no actual problem, only that my ocd is driving me crazy because of it.

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