Dividend Ex-dates Calendar for Trading212

I made a calendar of upcoming dividends ex-dates.
I put the link below because it may also be useful to someone.
I know that there are many such calendars on the web.
However, this one I did for Trading212. I put only shares of companies available on Trading212.
I will try to keep this list up to date. If you find any stoks that I didn’t add there, please contact me.


Monthly paid




It’s very US focussed, right?

If you need uk data you could ping my API by using the stock ISIN

Eg. For ex dividend data …


If you want to explore the range of functions…


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@Finki I dont now how use your link. When i press link I only see this 2019-12-05

Sorry. Kinda assumed you were a programming nerd savvy with APIs.

Change the ISIN in the query and you’ll get a different result

Change the function name (ukDividendExDate) you’ll get a different result

Think of it as 1) question 2)answer

Far better details on Finki.io/finkiAPI.html depending if you’re a google sheet or excel user (g sheets is easier btw!) it shows you the function to consume this data against your portfolio (assuming you know the ISIN… if not, there’s an api to convert ticket/symbol to ISIN for you

Apologies if that still makes 0 sense

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I love the site but it needs UK stocks for it to be usable for me. Same for ETF’s. Very nice work though.

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I mainly invest in US market but for UK market I use this site.


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Here’s my attempt to build what you’re looking for…


This is the range of Trading 212 stocks going Ex-Div in Jan 2020 - But I can build/automate any month, any dividend data point (ie… Jan by Pay date, Feb by ex etc…etc…)

This is hopefully useful for you and other T212 users looking into dividend payments

#plug … all of this generated using the Finki API… finki.io/finkiAPI.html … which allows you to build all this data yourself directly in Google sheets or Excel



Great job @Finki ! Now please the remaining months :wink:. I think I have to learn this.
Have you considered only the shares available on trading212?

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I’m looking forward to the Excel/Sheets demo.

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Demo for G Sheets here >>> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tlav5g74YF-aKcNIDawhEJoKk50OKogHP9yfequKWTU/edit?usp=sharing

It’s very basic but it shows how to demo the API calls using importData or importXML in gSheets.

You’ll get the gist


@Farushku Yes, only T212 Universe. I can do it on every share in the entire world if need be - but it would just take longer to generate! No issue.

What months range do you want? Rember most don’t actually declare the official (rather than “estimated” based on historical timings) until a month or 2 before going ex. So there’s no point running much further forward than Feb or March… or at least without a continual refresh… but I can do that… or you can do it yourself using the finki API. See quick and dirty demo here… https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tlav5g74YF-aKcNIDawhEJoKk50OKogHP9yfequKWTU/edit?usp=sharing

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That’s really nice - any reason why the Iberdrola rate is showing as 0 ?

I don’t now, but rate will be 16.7c


Good spot. Yep, code error. I picked up the scrip dividend issue (therefore no cash rate) instead of the cash dividend! D’oh! My bad. Fixed.

Looks like gross 0.168, so after the usual 19% deduction the Spanish love to hit you with it’ll be about 0.1361… and then the prevailing FX over to Sterling

Ah no problem, I only clocked it as it’s one of my biggest holdings. Loving your work man!

I added to the first post monthly paid dividend shares available on T212