Stop losses on fractional shares

When you try to put a stop and you have less than one share it doesn’t allow you.


Fractional shares are currently available only for market orders. Support for all order types is currently under development.


Excellent! Other types of order for fractional shares will be very helpful.

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Hi George,

I am new on Trading212 and my first purchased stocks where from big prominent companies. For this reason I bought only fractional shares. How can I set stop/loss limits for fractional shares? Is this tool already developed?


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Does anyone over at T212 know if this is coming anytime soon? I appreciate the other innovative features you’re working on such as AutoInvest and Pies, but I do think that the addition of this simple functionality would really benefit a huge proportion of your user base, especially when it comes to companies where one share is worth hundreds of dollars and so many of us can only afford to hold a fraction of a share, and therefore cannot benefit from stops and limits.

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Good to know it’s being worked on, it seems silly to release fractional shares without this.

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