BYD: The King Of Electric Vehicles (OTCMKTS:BYDDF) | Seeking Alpha

It’s funny how this company is flying under the radar but they are one of the biggest electric vehicle companies in the world with more employees than Tesla Li auto and Neo put together.

The trading212 team really need to add this one


I know it’s not F buy Y is on here


So during a time that all countries want to reduce they’re ties with China this guy thinks the world will buy more Chinese evs?
Just because they’ve made it in China does not mean they will make it anywhere else, what successful chinese car brand has ever dominated in the world environment? They usually buy other countries household brands and then sell them back and it still doesn’t work.
He said that this companies (can’t even remember the name whilst typing) new model is as fast as the model s for the same price as a model 3? Did anyone see the drag races between the model s and model 3? They were virtually identical and in a couple the model 3 was actually faster.
These teslas they’re fighting to beat are old hat, the range is due an overhaul and when that comes in the competition will be yet again left behind

I own massive shares in Tesla but what you fale to understand is the magnitude of people in china those EV companies can make billions staying at home unlike American companies who need to be everywhere in order to be a successful, remember the size of the Chinese market it’s huge…

Not to mention China now by GDP Grove is the most wealthiest country in the world,thanks to the Accidental cough they released

I’m not sure that that’s the same company

But surely the Chinese Market has already boomed or they wouldn’t now be looking in at Europe/USA?
The cost of trying will sink most companies if they fail, Europe and the US are hard nuts to crack and the costs against any rewards will be far higher than in China. Watch the bottom line dissappear

Its not the same company

As an example Nio will not be releasing any cars in the US or European markets for as far as I can see plus li autos also wont be available this side of the world.

BYDDF have over 100000 taxis running around Beijing not to mention a further 100000 electrified buses running around the same City buses they manufacture as well as supply the batteries for in New York City this company has 5000 taxis running around as I said they are a company flying under the radar but nobody quite understands them

I already saw them hence why I asked for the right one to be put up


It is, the F is simply H shares.

@Silenta221 It’s in the article you linked. :wink:

BYD ticker is a different company as it says in the next sentence.

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What can I say…
dyslexia is a bitch​:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

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While we are having a conversation do you have any ideas on good British companies for long term investment I own plenty of companies but none of them in Britain I did think of buying the FTSE 100 index but I prefer to own individual stocks so I can see how the company is doing, do you have any ideas?

Lloyd’s cineworld Aston Martin carnival and bp


I’m not too sure about Cineworld I have a strong feeling the cinema experience died this year and will take at least 5 years to become what it was…

The same for hotels I’m not too sure how fast these Industries can rebound

Aston Martin is definitely a good one they might actually explode at the end of the year due to the Formula One contract and being a new team

Lloyd’s bank are a top winner imo carnival is set for a big come back next year. Aston Martin are set for great things also. Cineworld is a lucky dip but if they come back it could be special

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Cheers mate.

From the UK, I personally would never buy LSE banks like Lloyds or Barclays. They have nothing going for them long term.

Cineworld is a risky play in my book.

I wouldn’t do Aston Martin or RR either.


I do on Santander who basically has been moving sideways for a long time now but I just got them for the dividend and I’ve just invested into a few Japanese banks like SMFG who has a 17% dividend & I bought MUFG who have a 5% dividend

Wow I’m shot down… Lloyd’s is up 34% Aston martin 52% and they are bad buys?
Both have massive growth potential, I agree about cineworld but I will update the profits as and when they come through :rofl: