Calculating Profit Loss in Euro

Hi there,

unfortunately dont understand your profit loss calulation. it seems that there are hidden costs!?
Otherwise please explain:

bought @1933,76 (25.08.2020)
now @1878,42 (still holding)
Difference 55,34$

at the moment Eur/USD @1.16445

55,34/1.16445 = 47.524582

In the chart setting there is 47.76 as a (possible) loss.
So please tell me about the hidden costs and how to calculate them!

If needed I can provide Screenshots.

In your calculation you are not accounting for the exchange rate when you purchased. Currently, the price difference you are calculating shows what your profit would be if the exchange rate was identical on both dates, which is highly unlikely. So what you should do is see in your purchase history what EUR value you paid on 25.08 and then subtract the EUR value if you were to do the exchange right now.

Another important thing you are probably missing is the spread. Every instrument has 2 prices, the buy and sell. Make sure you’re looking at the selling price and not the buying price when doing your sell calculation.

I’m seeing the sell as 1878.44 not .42

1933.76 - 1878.44 = 55.32

However as @investor mentioned you need to look at what you paid in euros. Your loss with be how much it cost you in euros and how many euros you will get back at the current exchange.

CFD there is a 0.5% FX fee