Help a new trader

So I am new to this game and bit confused.
So I bought at 3 seperate times shares in united airlines
1 at roughly $28 dollars a share
2.2 at 30 dollars a share Then 1 share at 32 a share
It is currently at 33 dollars on the graph but shows I am only +1 I dont understand as my other shares were bought lower so surely I should be + more?
Thank you

If your account is in GBP you have to take into account currency fluctuations. The pound has strengthened against the dollar so a dollar value buys fewer pounds than it did.

Wouldnt make sense surely if my other investments i made were 28$ and ive bought my other at 32$ for example that doesnt make all my invesments round up to 32$ does it as thats what it looks like as my profit shouldnt be +1

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IF you buy in £GBP/Euro the share price is only half of the calculation.

so your total cost of shares is $126. this means your average share price is $30.

the shares are worth $33 so if the FX rate was consistent you would have a profit of $12.6. however if you bought using GBP at different times with different FX rates, and your account doesn’t display in USD or it would show +$12.6 instead it averages the cost of the shares in £GBP at the time of each purchase.

your previous purchases may have been made at say 1.2usd per 1GBP, which would give your position cost as being £105. but now the FX rate is 1.25USD per 1GBP, which means that purchase made at the same prices now would only cost you about £101, £4 cheaper, so without the share improving in price you would be at a loss of £4 already. the shares went up by $3 average and so at 1.2usd, your position would be worth $138.6=£115.5, but at the current FX rate of 1.25USD your position is worth $138.6=£110.88

this is why when buying in foreign markets you can make or lose money without the share price having much change.

Thanks for that dao great help