Can I open an account without Photo ID (UK resident)


I already have an account but am thinking about closing it to re-open another one in USD.

I don’t have any Photo Identification but do have proof of address + national insurance number etc.

I am a UK resident. I remember not needing photo ID for my current account; But maybe the requirements have changed.

I just wanted to double check if it’s possible to open an account without Photo ID if I am a UK resident? Would it be different for Invest and ISA accounts?

Wouldn’t be guaranteed I don’t say. Making it all up basically, but I think they have a system that uses the information you give to look you up and verify all your information makes sense. The only reason they ask for ID is if there’s an issue. For example when I signed my dad up I used his middle name which he goes by but it isn’t his real name, and I think that caused an issue so he needed ID (and a selfie I think). They might ID you since you had an account before.
I would just get ID though, you do need it for a lot of things and would be helpful to yourself. Also, not sure about this either but I think every few years you have to do an ID check on here. I’ve seen someone mention it on the forum somewhere before. So it’s up to you to take the risk, or just wait until you get ID!

@JamesJohn Even though your account could be initially set up without a Photo ID it may be requested at a further moment.

We highly recommend you to make sure that such a document is present in order to meet our compliance and monitoring requirements.

Funny this reminded me of the time I got pulled up by the police in a traffic stop.
The officer ask me if I could identify myself, I looked in my mirror and said, “Yes, that’s me.”

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