Can I write a bot for personal use?

I want to write a bot for trading 212 for personal use. I simply want to show my account value over time on my desktop and as an overlay in video games. I don’t want to perform any automated trading. Is it allowed?

Hi krazyjakee,

You can do that, we are fine with it, even encouraging such integrations.

We do have future plans to expose a well-structured and documented API, but at this point, you’ll just have to emulate browser or mobile app requests.



I think for my own safety, i will wait for the API :slight_smile:

Hi Noop,

sorry to revive an old thread but Is this kind of integration still okay? as it appears you have put a captcha on to block such integrations.

Are you actively working on an API? If so I’d like to offer to assist in any way I can(testing, documenting etc).

API integration is, I feel, a huge hole in Trading212’s platform. I’d love to help get this up and running for the benefit of everyone

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I’m not sure to which captcha you are referring to.
We have no active hoops you have to jump through in order to send third party requests.

I agree with you for the “hole” part and a public API is something we will begin working on once we finish with our feature priority queue.


Hey Noop!

Thanks so much for the incredibly quick reply. When logging in, previously you could send a request to, you just had to supply your username, password and a CSRF token, however now it does a captcha and if you authenticate without the captcha, you get refused and the response is “info-captcha”.

do you have any other ways to authenticate with T212 in an automatic/semi-automatic way?



The captcha on that page appears only when you send multiple bad requests. So give it a few minutes and try again (with correct credentials).
Since we currently have no official API, we have no support for emulating requests on our current frontends.
You’d have to reach some conclusions on your own until we do get an official API working.

oki doki, cheers Noop.

Just out of curiousity, Would you/Trading212 be okay with me typing up the notes I have on the Trading212 API that I have written so far and posted it to the forum for others (including Trading212) to use? (with a disclaimer of course) or would you prefer I didn’t?




I’m happy that you are taking the time to do such things on your own! Kudos for the effort.
We are constantly shifting things around to aid scale/design and new features. Do consider that.

At this point, we’d prefer for you to not start such topics since people might start to misuse it and start sending us mass bad requests(flood) and then we’d have to cut everything third-party altogether, which we would rather not do.

As previously stated, better wait for the official thing.

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Thanks Noop, no problem. I’m glad I asked first.

At this point I won’t release anything, and will also make sure I’m very careful when using the internal API.

Once you’ve started on an official API, I’d love to get involved with the process(UX, testing(in a previous job I was a software tester for an IT security company), etc) so please do get in touch when you start on it.



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I’m really interested in using this API. Any pointers on documentation? Or is it still a work it out for yourself kind of deal?