New Desktop App - development in progress

Hi everyone.
I started working on an app that gets my T212 open positions and then show related news and other relevant information that I want from yahoo and other sources, (still figuring that out). All that in real time. No parsing mails or exporting CSV files.

Currently, the target platform will be desktop due to current restrictions on T212’s API.

By searching the forum for which apps are people using, I realized that most use spreadsheets so don’t really know if my work makes sense to anyone.

The goal was to create the app for private use, but then I thought someone else in the community might be interested in using it. So, why not sharing, right?
Let me know if anyone’s interested.

I am not a professional developer, but I like to code, and I will be working on this project in my spare time.

For now, I am using the cookie generated by T212 when logging in, “TRADING212_SESSION_LIVE”, and before getting too deep in the project I wanted to ask, am I violating any rules or is it wrong on using it in any way? If someone could give some advice in this matter I would appreciate it very much :slight_smile:


That sounds cool!
Which platform? Are you planing to use electron?

Sounds cool, could connect a Twitter API to get the most up-to-date tweets about the stock too. Although some people tweet rubbish… :rofl: (me)

Target platforms will be macOS, Windows and Linux (if anyone asks).
I will use Flutter.

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Yes, I already have that in mind as well stocktwits.
About stocktwits, don’t know if I can pull that of. Have to give a shot on that.