Trading Bot ReCaptcha Woes

Hello there,

First off I’d like to say I don’t blame anyone for the lost profits of my bot due to the recaptcha (After all if you are willing to hand over cash to an automated machine you can expect occasional losses.)

Now to the actual matter at hand. I have been using your platform quite successfully so with my custom written C# based bot using an automation platform.

However since launching the bot only a day ago suddenly now that I am trading real money they website platform is now requiring me to fill in an annyoing Captcha that even I, an actual human, have to spend several minutes click on images of firehydrants and busses and traffic lights.

From browsing previous topics I know this has been an issue before but can I please know if there is a reason after months of labourious testing why suddently two days of investing actualy funds on my account this captcha shows up?

I am uncertain why and my bot sadly has a lifespan of about 15 - 30 minutes.
If this is caused by the many times the bot cycles between pages to get statistical info I’d be happy to try and find a way to do it differently

Since I work a full time job I can not monitor my account at all for hours on end so the bot is a must if I am to not lose the account.

It works fine as long as captcha is not blocking it so do we know why I am getting captcha now suddely and how can I avoid being captcha’d every single login?

The only other way I have is to solve captcha manually once per hour and I do require sleep.

Any ideas anyone? Or is there something specific that is triggering this behaviour?
This is all assuming bot’s are still ay okay which I do believe the case considering ProQuant is heavily markets but sadly unable to exectue my specific strategies and margins.

I can can give a tip don’t try and create the login just piggyback on the trading session found via chrome inspect. You only need to do this once.


Could be interesting but will have to check tomorrow to see if I can find a way for the selenium Firefox system. If you are telling me the cookie doesn’t expire I should be able to force it on the driver when it loads to bypass logging in. That would be neat. The login does take a longggg time.

I assume this

driver.Manage().Cookies.AddCookie(new Cookie("TRADING212_SESSION_LIVE", "xyz"));

They suggest using a simple page first before getting to the one you need.

If you are trying to preset cookies before you start interacting with a site and your homepage is large / takes a while to load an alternative is to find a smaller page on the site (typically the 404 page is small,

I have used selenium years ago, but for T212 it’s easier to use their internal API rather than simulate clicking about the interface.

I only use it as a screener with their charts, but it should be possible to watch the traffic on trading too and seeing what’s being called in the JS. The endpoints only appear to need TRADING212_SESSION_LIVE passing which can be nabbed from any session and luckily new sessions don’t expire the existing.