Can this portfolio reach my goal?


the goal of this portfolio is to reach a performance of at least 7% in the long term (10+ years).
I have had this portfolio for few months already. I am and will be adding money to this portfolio monthly + extra money when markets drop.
I am 28yo and I live in Czech republic. My home currency currently appreciates against both USD and GBP which currently lowers my returns, however I am trying to use it as an opportunity to buy cheaper since I do not see any option to do currency hedge in Trading212 Investment plan.

I have choosed to go with 75% globally diversified ETFs.
The rest 25% is the firms I have researched and like for their dividend yield. Blink was a lucky pick where I am at like 300% and I’ve already sold out more than my initial and rebalanced back into the portfolio.

So I have theese questions?

  • Is this portfolio able to get 7% per year for the next 10+ years?
  • Is there any flaw with my ETF setup with preference to US markets in mind?
  • Is a 25% allocation to picked stocks too much and is there a big chance this reduce my expected returns?

Thanks a lot for any insights.

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It’s probably a good portfolio, but no one knows.
Pats performance does not determine future performance.

I always suggest diversification. Also, you might want to compare your performance in the future to the World ETFs and see how it compares :slight_smile:.

In addition, no one on here can give investment advice. Therefore, without giving investment advice, I think the pie is probably relative solid. I have invested in quite a few of your picks and most of them are standard and solid blue-chip companies. But, yes, no one really knows what will do best in the future.


The average annualized total return for the S&P 500 index over the past 90 years is 9.8 percent. So with your major in S&P ETF and your other selections of ETF. I believe you should be around 7% but like the message before who knows where the market will go. Just set your self a plan and try give it time to but 10 years should cover all the ups and downs. Happy investing


Best is the name of your pie mate!

Hi ,thanks everyone for replies. Your feedbeck helped me a bit.


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