App Request - Collapsing sections in instrument view

A minor request. I really appreciate all the development work you are putting into enhancing your offering. It’s rare I advocate for services, but I’m happy to do so for yours as it’s a great service.

To that end, on the mobile app you’ve recently(ish) added news and social sections to each instrument’s “page”. These are useful, but unfortunately, you’ve done so between the graph and the “Your investment” section, so I can no longer keep an eye on both of those at the same time without scrolling back and forth.

I would argue that the “Your investment” section is probably the most important part of an instrument’s view, so burying it halfway down isn’t ideal. Arguably, removing the “Your investment” section altogether and just putting that information up at the top of the graph with the existing instrument performance indicators would make a lot of sense, especially as you have buy and sell buttons up there already. You could add a secondary y-axis and the graph could then show the investment’s value change over time as well.

Regardless, would you please consider, at the very least, making those new sections collapsible (even if you don’t persist that state)? It would enable me to have my little phone dashboard back when there’s an interesting investment I want to keep an eye on.

Ideally, being able to reorder the sections and persisting the open/closed state would be great, but hardly a priority.

Thanks again for the service you provide.

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Thanks for taking the time to provide us with your feedback, @qwerki :pray:

That is definitely a reasonable suggestion, and I can see how it can improve the experience as a whole. I’ll forward it to the team and let you know if this or something similar gets introduced :raised_hands: