Can we make market orders for Palantir and Asana already?

I’ve been waiting over 6 mins now…I wonder why others on 212 are getting executed?

yes same!!
mine is more than 6 mins

When did you put in your orders for them to filled/executed? cancelled my original buy I put in this afternoon cos it was taking too long :upside_down_face:

i put in afternoon. then it said 15 mins earlier. insufficient funds.
now again placed an order

I put in a few mins before it Opened. Cancelled 4 mins after Open as nothing was happening, ordered again and it’s still Pending 10 mins later. Def have sufficient funds. Very upsetting… :frowning:

Ready for that pullback

I had insufficient funds also, and I had enough money in my account, unless the price spiked at point of execution. Mine went through 2nd time.

Finally executed 11 minutes after submission…scary if you have any reasonable money involved.


Just can’t get anything to execute

Stepping away from the pricing - how do we see the companies growth?
I think it’s position in the world market will be increased by US trade deals, especially as the data/intelligence shenanigans carry on.

Anyone got a spinning wheel. Story of my life this week.

Can’t adjust and been pending for ages.


Just as I write that it filled for .68

Me, buyed at 10.18, a little bit lucky.

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It’s all a bit frustrating can’t get any orders to go through. It’s horribly lucky dip.

Also not being able adjust or cancel pending orders are not cool.

13m of spinning wheel, then executed. No cancel appeared.

You may be haapy your orders didn’t go through, under $10 now.

Exactly lol. What a curse. Asana holding up much better.

Not impressed with the price, will keep the shares though.

It’s only the first few hours. It was expected to be listed at 10

Bloody mess, where was the hype :-1:

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IPOs do not do well these days, the market is nervous about existing stock and there may be no appetite for the unknown.

What a blood bath. Asana on the other hand performing not so bad