Trading 212 mentors

It would be good to actually see a Trading 212 person answer some questions for a change. I only see the ones they want to answer and these are very few and far between.
What is the point of this forum if Trading 212 don’t answer up?


Usually the point of these forums is to build a community that could help itself. They do reply to questions in chat or email, personally I haven’t used the forum to ask them questions directly. I use the forum to ask other fellow investors:


I see them answering stuff all the time? What’s sticking out for you?

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Please bear in mind that all content herein reflects the personal opinion of our Community members and not necessarily that of Trading 212.

Probably good to refer to this statement at the top of the forum.

I guess we are all trying to be a helpful community and share our views in our own way. Similarly you can probably search for something, and find people ask the same questions in different ways.

It would be great to have more input from 212 themselves, but perhaps we need a means to focus their attention on say the top 10 questions of the month? That way we could get responses to the most popular / meaningful questions from users, without taking up a lot of their time?


Hey, @alhorne67. I am sorry to hear that you are left with this impression. We’re doing our best to be active and keep a close eye on the discussions here. At the same time, we try to not get in the way of the constructive dialogue between clients and find a balance between being helpful and overpowering the conversations with statements.

As @VicVega mentioned, it’s best to reach us via chat or email when it comes to specific account-related queries as they require a more personal approach. In case we have missed giving insight on a general, non-account-related topic, feel free to tag one of the team members or send us a DM. We are here to help, so we’ll appreciate directing our attention toward the said subject.