Can you look into adding something similar to Expert Pies?

M1 Finance (a US investment company which uses Pies as well) has a feature called “Expert Pies”.

In the US certain funds and high net worth individuals need to report their trades. M1 will follow these filings and duplcate the allocation of the expert pies to match the allocation of these Funds/People This allows investors to replicate a Hedge Fund without the management fees. (Also without the investing threshold and having these strategies available in the EU).

Could someone look into adding this feature (or similar) to trading 212. (Another name I’ve seen is copy trader, this it is based on things like: Berkshire Hatheway (itself not the stock), Tiger Global Management, Icahn Capital, etc)



Is this not already a feature - you have the ability to create, update and share your own pies, so you can update them to match the underlying portfolio of whatever you want.


They want it done for them. Updating a pie to match an outside index is a tedious work, so it would be no surprise that many people would enjoy a feature removing that work.

@Rina while I don’t believe such a feature is planned in any way, maybe a quick look in the Pie library will yield you some you might like. Some of our members do track such outside index, and update them regularly.

If not, you may try it yourself if you feel up to the task, and share it with the rest of the community :hugs:


And some that so-called experts have private companies and derivatives (with some shorts) in their portfolio. So it will be difficult to replicate their portfolio (automatically or manually).

This resembles the recurrent ARK similar pies during their pumps/FOMOs last year.


Thank you for taking the time the share your ideas- it’s appreciated! We will consider it and implement it if possible.