Subscribe to pies

Feature request: Subscribe to pies.

Works a bit the same as subscribing to strategies on ProQuant. One person maintains a pie with it stocks/ETFs and weightings (think about for example an ARK cloned pie) and you can subscribe to that pie. If the maintainer of the pie changes it contents and/or weightings, those changes are automatically done in your subscribed pie.

When you unsubscribe to such a pie, all pie positions are sold and the funds added to your free funds in your account.


:bulb: Brilliant idea. :+1:t3:

I think the staff mentioned this is in development. I made a thread the other month to see if I could draw any info out of @George

CopyPie 🥧 an update

I took it a step further so you could choose who are the maintainers, even put out voting to those subscribed on big decisions to change the weighting/holdings.

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Found the thread from July

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@phildawson A copy is easy. I would rather see someone else do the work and let other users use the pie weightings. Creator of the pie could be rewarded with a free share.


In layman’s terms is this like being in a syndicate?
If not can you give a simple example for people like me who needs it in simple terms lol?

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Yeah Im saying this too, you can have one person controlling the pie, and in addition to this idea you could have multiple people managing the pie.


Just seeing if there’s an update for being able to make your pie public and allow others to subscribe to your pie so that when you alter yours theirs matches. I assume a leaderboard you can sort by various stats, and see how many have subscribed, risk rating etc

The third part was potentially allowing voting for subscribers of the pie on changes.

But yeah starting with simply being able to subscribe to pie owned by one person is the starting point.

There’s also the idea of a leaderboard etc showing most subscribers. I like the idea of giving free shares for the work.


Yeah essentially, you form a group of people who have a similar mindset and then discuss and vote on what should be added and at what weight. Then maybe update every month or week just to see if anything needs adjusting.

At the moment you can obviously do this setting up say a Telegram group to do the discussion and voting etc and then all going off to adjust your own pie.

But basically it would be great to do this on the platform by creating circles or pie teams.

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Well as a novice to trading I wouldn’t mind being in one of these groups/syndicates, I wouldn’t object to contributing a monthly sum.
Again as a novice I would be putting my trust in the person with the reins and hopefully learning from his/her ability as well.

If this was get going can a person contributing pull out at any time or are they locked in for a set period?

I’d imagine a subscribe would have an unsubscribe that would simply detach your pie from the group controlled and you can then go your own way if you strongly disagreed with the stocks or weighting or sell all to exit completely. I don’t see why any reason it would lock you in for a set time.

It’s worth taking a look at ProQuant to get an idea of the subscribing, commenting etc