Can you remove “Limit value is too far from the current market price” for GME?

A short squeeze is expected for GameStop(GME) and the prices may rocket in a short amount of time but right not the limit is very very close to the current price. Can you please fix this? Thank you.


I also think that this limitation is unnecessary.

It has been amended.

I have a question on the statistics for this stock and others on Trading 212.

GME for example
In the seller (31 %) vs Buyers (69 %), does this represents the averages of the Trading 212 clients or the overall market?

Thank you very much.


pretty sure its the overall market but, will check this out to make sure as it has me intrigued now also :slight_smile:

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No it is 212 cfd users only, it’s been answered by staff somewhere on here before.

CFD traders are giving the market its buy/sell overall?

I’m assuming he’s talking about the sentiment tool displayed on the CFD platform that shows the % of clients short and % of clients long.

It’s not a measure related to the rest of the market.


if that is the case then absolutely 100% its the CFD platform

thanks to all for the feedback!

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Please remove limit on BLNK also @PeterA

@Dkj Increased. :white_check_mark:

can you also remove the limit from #SPCE?