Cancel order from Pie [be careful] - ✅ Solved

Guys, I cancelled order from my pie before market opens(not sure if has any relation) then the money didn’t return to my free funds(disappear). So far I don’t know if it is a bug or some security gap issue.

I had a conversation with the customer service and they are checking it out. So far I am still without my funds.

You should really wait until Customer services have investigated before making a panic post. I fully understand the worry but Customer Services are there for a reason.

I hope you get everything sorted out to your satisfaction.

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Well money should sit in pie cash funds if transaction gets cancelled.

Which you can withdraw via manual withdrawal from pie funds.

But anyway you should followup with support in case above ain’t valid.

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Hey there @Alex.Santos, :wave:

Check your inbox, I’ll send you a DM. :slight_smile: :mailbox_with_mail:

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First of all, it is not a panic post. Here is a community as far my understand. So, the point here was find help in case someone had same issue. As happened, following @Vedran comment. Regarding, customer services the reply from @L.D here on the community was faster than wait from the email. So, following your comment why I suppose to wait if have thousands of users here that can help! At least most of then.

Have a good day.

Answered, once again thank you!

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Thanks @Vedran. that was the issue! Have a good one!