Sold a pie, cash stuck inside - ✅ Solved


I withdrew all funds from a pie, which removed everything apart from 1 remaining instrument which is awaiting the market to open to sell.

The problem is, my withdrawn cash is now stuck in a pie as “cash” and I can’t get it back until the market opens tomorrow.

Surely this is not by design?

Many thanks.

Have you tried to cancel the remaining transaction in Pie? Then withdraw just the cash position.

Yeah, tried that and it just won’t let me get it out before that last instrument has sold. I’ve even tried just withdrawing the cash value left in the pie but it instantly fills the window with the remaining instrument.

Hey there @phixion :wave:,

I was able to see your withdrawal request and to confirm, your order had to be filled entirely so the funds can be extracted, which happened a few moments ago when the Netherlands market opened. :slight_smile:


Yes I have it now, thanks.

But I had £13 holding £980+ ransom within a pie! That doesn’t seem right to me.

Don’t think the Pie calculations depend on the value could be £1 or £5m its all the same to the math.

All transactions need to be complete prior to pie closure.

I still don’t understand the issue. If you have pie with US and EU equity and EU market is closed. You need the money, then first close US positions in pie. Withdraw the amount equal to US, or simply export the EU stock and then sell whole pie

Then just set withdraw for remaining non US stocks or sell EU out of pie.

It is not the fact that I couldn’t close a pie, it’s the fact that £13 left in 1 position of a pie was stopping me from taking £980 cash out of a pie. Those positions had been closed and the money was sitting in the pie, yet whenever I tried to withdraw just those funds, it would auto fill my request with the position that couldn’t be closed.

Next time if you face same issue, try export the closed market stocks from pie.