Cannot place Sell on Limit


I cannot seem to place a sell limit order:

Any advice?

Thank you!

Limit order doesn’t allow the limit price to be too far from the current sell price. Try a stop limit order. The stop price is a level where your order is submitted with a limit price. So the stop price first has to be reached.

How do you define “too far” ? 20 USD is too far? For that instrument it was reached today…

Dunno, I think it is a maximum % difference. In that case $20 is maybe too much.

Personally I think you should be able to pick any price. If you want to sell for 625, then you should be able to submit the order. However other brokers also have this rule.

Also it seems I cannot sell the owned fractions?

@David, @George ?

Limit orders dont work with fractional shares. You can only set whole share in Limit Buy/Sell…


What @Vedran says is the right answer here :slight_smile: I’ll just add that we’ll make all orders work with fractional shares.

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So how can I sell it if I do not have a full share?

just stare at the screen nonstop and sell it at market value when it reaches what I want?

ok, thanks
“I’ll just add that we’ll make all orders work with fractional shares.” > when?

what about the “value is too far” issue?

Well same way as you bought it really, stare at screen :wink:

I am not sure if you are part of Trading212 but this answer is bad marketing and bad support :wink:
My purpose in life is not to waste my days on Trading212 website and if you offer a functionality, make it consistent and usable…

A more suitable answer might have been a recommendation like using price alerts, but also the push notifications are not working well on the mobile app (Android in my case), as I receive them even half an hour or more after the event occurred. So I might not be able to react on time

This is a community, where people help each other.

I gave you answer to your query. If you had any manners, you would say “Thank you for answer”.

But no, you had smirk remark, so I just replied back in same fashion…

Ps I have no ties with T212, I believe community “share and care” goes long way in helping each other…

I sent this message to back on 16/04/2020, but the reply I received didn’t seem to relate to the question in any way! Excuse the out-of-date price examples!

Can you explain how you determine when “The entered price value is too far from the current market price”? I’ve been trying to figure out the calculation, but I can’t see a pattern. For example, for Apple stock I seem to be able to set a target price that is 73.6% of the current price, but for Microsoft stock I’m only able to set a price of 87.2%. Is there a different ratio per stock or is there a single rule for all stocks?

Are the limits imposed by TR^DING 212 or an external authority? What are the reasons for these rules?

I’m finding it very frustrating that I can’t create a limit buy at actual prices from just a few weeks ago. For example, the Visa 52-week low was $133.93 on 22/03/2020, just 3.5 weeks ago. However, the current share price is $165.99 so I’m only able to set a minimum price of $143.98, which is 86.7% of the current price.

With the recent market volatility, it’s an ideal time to buy stocks at low prices. However, I’m finding that this limitation is constraining me with every stock I’ve looked at this morning.

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