Stop-Limit orders for fractionals

Is it intended behavior that I can’t set a Stop-limit order on a fractional positon?

I can set this for full shares fine but have to leave the fractional ‘on the table’ which isn’t great for risk management.

This pushed me to move to eToro however their platform is terrible, so now use eToro for my bigger fractional positions and 212 for the newer assets - but this isn’t great.
I’d much rather stick with 212.

It is on to do list, but not currently available.

One thing I really would like to get added. Some of the stocks cost an arm and a leg, so the only way in is with fractionals, but having to leave it without a stop can get a little annoying. Not a deal breaker, but it’d be nice to see soon.

+1 for this.

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Not many supported the request.

Anyway it is in pipe already, I presume it is more about technical side then implementing feature it self. As part as I know fractional orders are always OTC thus inherent risk for T212.

Shame really. Fingers crossed superstar David can work his magic :smiley:

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Afaik it is on t212 to sort fractions. So market orders with fractions can have longer wait time, with limit order it is even worst where there is not just time factor buy also value factor. Thus t212 needs to offer fraction but also make sure it deals the rest of fractional till full stock to other members.

Fingers crossed!

Fractional trading and by extension, pies, are pretty much unusable (for me anyway) without the ability to put proper risk management in place.

As an update I sold what I thought was the remaining fractional part of my position however there’s 0.0009072 of a share left leaving me with 9.0009072.
The platform now won’t let me set a stop-limit for 9 as it’ll leave me with too small a position,
However I can’t set a stop-limit containing a fractional.

I also can’t market sell the 0.0009072.

for times like this I put 8 shares into a pie and market sell the rest and it leaves me with just whole shares.

for now with risk management and limit orders as they are, you make need to try and keep to whole shares as much as possible. Not great really if the shares you want happen to be something like amazon with large price tags attached.

hopefully its rather high in the priority pipeline for new features since it would save a lot of people quite a bit of trouble.