What is going on with this bug?


It’s happening way too often now.
I click on sell, it it says I don’t have enough money to sell. Presents me with a deposit button

I try to sell and I get this error that I need to buy the equity first. I have to turn go into buy, come back out and into sell again.

I know sometimes if you have a limit sell order already, you get that message, but this is not one of those instances.

Get the error when you try to update a sell order. Just strange things happening man. Couldn’t buy or sell jack today and we know it was a feeding frenzy today

I can PM a video I’ve made of the error in action

Delete cache, nothing happen
Uninstalled and reinstalled. Same issue

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And my buying order worth £5k of shares with Carnival didn’t trigger when the price reached my limit.
Really strange things are happening recently with 212 !

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I don’t want to moan about this tbh. It’s a free service.
But still… bug is a bug

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Don’t be so naive as to thing T212 doesn’t make any money from you :wink:

Lol, I’m sure it does but it’s not extortionate like HL

Check the spreads, it is extortion at the moment plus the interest becoming ridiculous. In the last week T212 has completely changed

@Buurbachi Could you please direct message me your trading account’s email address so that we can look into this quickly?

Is this happening also in the investing account or only in cfd?

Only investment. I don’t do cfds

Guys please help me fix this
I’m losing money cos of this bug.
I’m a day trader and I can’t sell when I need to. I have to do this stupid work around first and I lose my price by then.

Can you check if you set a stop/stop limit/sell on that position? If you did, cancel that first then resell.

No nothing like that

Some have a limit order in, but regardless, I need to click buy first, get out and go back into sell.

Little consolation, I know, but this is not the best platform for day-trading; maybe when they finish off the new UI but until then…

It’s been working fine since I started back in April. This only developed in the last week I think.

Someone please help me with this bug!!! It’s taking the Micky now

@Buurbachi You need to cancel the limit SELL orders you currently have before placing additional SELL orders. If you don’t, you’ll receive that error because you’re trying to sell more equity than you currently own.

As I already mentioned that.

This is different. I need to upload a video to show this but the forum won’t let me.

Same her for a few hours!

I canceled all my orders and can not sell!

To get around this, click buy and come out of that screen. Then sell activates normally.

It’s blooming annoying when you need to quickly drop a stock at market value. 3 seconds means a lot on day trading!