Cant buy shares as market is closed?

I’m trying to set up some positions for tomorrow morning. I want to just put them in as market orders but it’s saying I can’t as the market is closed. Is this correct? I thought I’d just be able to set these up as pending orders.

I’m not sure why exactly, but I think it’s something to do with US and UK stocks being closed for the bank holiday. If you try with European stocks, you can place a market order for when it opens tomorrow. Might be a glitch though.

Thanks for that Tom. I’ll try it just after midnight and see if that makes a difference. If not just have to have fast fingers early tomorrow morning.

Yeah I don’t believe it should be that way, they should always allow orders to be placed for next market open. I’m unsure why they’ve did that. Maybe they wanted to stop a whole backlog of orders being sent onto the system.

Market orders can only be placed when market is open. Limit order should work though.

I’m not sure about that as I can place market orders for positions on the German exchange and that’s not open yet either.

And limit orders don’t work either. Must be because of the UK bank holiday I guess.

I’ve just made pretty much the exact same thread as this. Trying to set my first limit orders last night and it said that I can’t because the market is closed. Seems ridiculous, and the shares are up 10-15% already now.

It was sorted at 7am fortunately so I was able to sort mine before the market opened. A bank holiday glitch I think.

Annoying, I spend most of the evening doing research and then went to set the orders at about 1am.

Yeh, I tried at midnight then gave up. Kids woke me up early so I had a go at 7am and it was ok. What did you decide to invest in?

I was looking at airline stocks, IAG, EZJ, Delta airlines and Southwest airlines. How about you?

Yeh, I’ve already got some in easyJet, Tui and Dart group. So happy to see them come back. I just went for Barclays, Lloyds, Prudential, kingfisher group and Motorpoint. Hopefully reasonable safe long term.

Yeh, I’m looking pretty long term as well haha.

It’s hard to make money quickly at the mo!