UK in another lockdown

People in the UK will already know this but some of you in other countries may not have heard it yet.
It starts on Thursday 3rd November, so again more businesses will be affected and as you know that will affect the market somewhat, just a heads up.


Yes, I am waiting to see what happens with IAG.

According to the BBC, Easyjet announced that it won’t fly during the lockdown period. Airline stocks could fall significantly, particularly UK ones.


Probably tomorrow we might see a huge sell off again on UK stocks.
Airlines, Cine… let’s see how big the drop will be.

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Think I’ll take another look at Ocado…


Ditto on that one. Felt like I missed this initially.

I’ll probs trim some of my positions generally to free up some cash

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Good time to trim I think. If the entire week isn’t red for UK stocks, I’d say at least the first half of it will be.

Not great for CINE but I might use this as one last averaging down exercise. My avg is pretty decent but could potentially get into the 20s.

And I’ve been hoping/waiting for a good opportunity to average down and buy more GAW, so hoping it goes below 90,000.

What are you thinking for the US stocks also?

Good time to trim them also?

Meant to add reply :grimacing:

Potentially not if Biden wins clearly and the democrats win the senate and the house. It would end the uncertainty and the S&P 500 would probably rise, carrying with it the other stock exchanges.

Something else that could carry stock prices upwards is if a Brexit deal is announced.

On the other hand an unclear election result or a “no deal” Brexit could cause further falls.

I’m not a massive trimmer personally, but possibly should get better at it. After last week I feel the opportunity might have slipped away - depends on your positions.

But many LT investors have said (and proven) that trying to time it is worse than holding through bad and good times. Suppose trimming is different.

Personally I’d use the chart or stop losses. One of mine triggered on APPS last week but I bought back in an hour later once the chart showed a slight tunr around. Worked out the better for it but that only works if they continue to uptrend this week - LT chart suggest maybe not, but I scaled back in just in case.

Plenty of cash on the sidelines at the minute. About 10% in Invest and 25% in ISA.

Just talking abouyt UK stocks at that point but on a Biden win, you reckon equities will rise? What I’m reading from US investors, they think the opposite and a Trump victory would trigger a rally. Biden would trigger a Gold comeback.

It’s definitely a tricky to ascertain the best method!

Like you I feel I may off missed the boat with some of my positions. I cut my google in half last week, holding the cash for now though until things are a bit clearer.

I do tend too see myself as a long term investor so I guess the right thing to do is buy the dips. I’ve got some some cash I was holding onto but I may use it in these instances.

I use StockMaster mostly right now and was about to trim but the signals then changed rapidly.

There’s only a couple of companies I’m a little nervous on that I hold (NVDA and TSLA). They’ll be the ones that I do trim purely due to the lofty valuations.

SQ I sold at the beginning of the week due to the valuation and that has proved beneficial fortunately, I will go in on this one again.

That’s what I’ve been reading too Joey.

I think that if Biden wins clearly, with house and senate, stocks will rally for a few days. The polls have been forecasting it for months so it should be “priced in” and it would be the end of the election uncertainty.
Also a democratic landslide would probably lead to a very large stimulus package in early 2021.

A Trump win might trigger a rally for some areas like energy stocks, but I’m not that confident that it will trigger a widespread rally. Even less so in Europe.

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Some retail seem to plod on regardless, others as you all know drop a lot. An example is GAP, they closed all their UK shops last week.
The food type supermarkets will still run as they do online shopping and deliveries, so with the lockdowns they have plodded on, maybe not as good as if they were open normally but a lot are and will turn to online shopping.

I myself use online shopping for food but I do go to the corner shop if I run out of the odd item till I do another monthly online shop. I also tend to buy other items online as well from eBay and Amazon and the likes.

UK stocks (generally) are still down from beginning of the year unlike many US (tech etc) stocks. So UK are already cheap, i wonder how much cheaper they can go?

Particular UK stocks I am keeping eye on are:

  • Taylor Wimpey
  • GSK
  • Unilever
  • Shell (after good earnings report, another drop would be very tasty)
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Eek, when I see growth or non existence of it I run away from thought of buying.

Their fundamentals graph is dreadful.

20 years of pain and suffering… Looks worse then AT&T…

GSK is probs more of a swing than long term hold.

Yes, but another way of looking at it is it is at its lowest point price wise that it gets too on recent years. So yes it could collapse further, but if it goes to 1100-1200 argument in 2-4 year horizon then a 30-40% growth and good dividend possible. Just watching not acting yet haha

With pharma companies it’s very important to look at their pipeline, of course GSK is pretty big and has several segments for which this isn’t important. Without a good pipeline they’ll most likely struggle to grow (or might engage in risky acquisitions).