Cant place a single order worth more than 95 % of your free funds

I get this text “Cant place a single order worth more than 95 % of your free funds”, while trying to buy $ 142 worth of a stock, while my free funds are $225. Is this a bug?

Do you have other pending buy orders?

nope, no other pending orders

You may only invest up to 95% of your free funds in a position with stocks of one company.

This is to ensure that an order does not get rejected due to insufficient funds as a result of market fluctuation in between placing an order and executing it.

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I do get that, but that does not apply to me right now. I have enough free fund and am not already heavily invested in that company

Let me DM you right now and we’ll gladly review this further.

I will hazard a guess but the $142 you are looking to spend is at your ideal price and not the current price of the stock? the limitation applies on the basis of the stocks current pricing which is what often causes confusion.